Student Email
General Policy
Registered students of NYC College of Technology are provided with a CityTech e-mail address. E-mail is the official means of communications regarding Academic and Administrative matters. Students are expected to read, reply and act upon the email in a timely manner. The email account will remain active as long as the student is registered. Email accounts will temporarily be disabled for unregistered students, but will be reactivated upon re-enrollment. After graduation, students will have the option of keeping the E-mail account with advertisements. (Please contact the Student Computing Helpdesk for further details).

When Will I Receive An E-mail Account?
Once a student enrolls for classes, an E-mail will be sent to the students' personal E-mail address with notification and information about their new campus Citytech E-mail address. This notification will be approximately 7 days after enrolling for classes.  Once a campus account has been created, no further E-mails will be sent to a students' personal E-mail.

Important Information concerning City Tech Email