IT End User Responsibility
  • You must have a valid authorized account to use computer resources that require one and [you] may use only those computer resources that are specifically authorized. You may use your account in accordance with its authorized purposes and may not use an unauthorized account for any purpose.
  • You are responsible for the safeguarding of your computer account. You should change your password frequently and should not disclose it to anyone.
  • You should take all necessary precautions in protecting the account, no matter what type of computer resources you are using.
  • You may not circumvent system protection facilities.
  • You may not knowingly use any system to produce system failure or degraded performance.
  • You may not engage in unauthorized duplication, alteration or destruction of data, programs [and/or] software. You may not transmit or disclose data, programs [and/or] software belonging to others and [you] may not duplicate copyrighted materials.
  • You may not engage in abusive or improper use of computer hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with equipment, unauthorized attempts at repairing equipment and unauthorized removal of equipment components.
  • You may not use computer resources for private purposes, including, but not limited to, the use of computer resources for profit making or illegal purposes.
  • You may not use computer resources to engage in abuse of computer personnel or [any] other users. Such abuse includes the sending of abusive, anonymous or unsolicited messages within CUNY or beyond via network facilities.
  • The use of college computer resources may be subject to college regulations, and you are expected to be familiar with those regulations. These regulations and college regulations are subject to revision. You are expected to be familiar with any revisions in regulations.
  • The University [and College] reserve the right to monitor, under appropriate conditions, all data contained in the system to protect the integrity of the system and to insure compliance with regulations.