CIS is located in the Namm building, room 901. The area consists of the following departments: Mainframe Reporting & Systems Development, Network Support, Security & Infrastructure, Helpdesk/Service Desk and Telecommunications.
Mainframe Reporting & Development
The chief responsibility of this area is to generate output from the enterprise systems that house student and personnel data. The team provides analysis and act as liaisons for implementing necessary updates and outputs requested by the specific departments.

Network Support
The core responsibility of this team is to maintain all administrative servers and network related activities and provide network support for users. The network support team is comprised of network administrators and server support specialists

Security & Infrastructure
The core responsibility of this team is to maintain network and information security on campus. The team ensures that network integrity is maintained and proper policies are implemented to ensure data and network security.

This support team provides onsite and phone assistance for administrative computer users. The department provides support for approximately 4000 PC & MACs and computer peripherals. The team provides software/ hardware support to all administrative personnel. The department also consists of the Student Computing Helpdesk which provides assistance in CUNY and College-wide systems access for students.

The predominant responsibility of this team is to maintain the college’s phone system and provide the campus with phone and network wiring. The team ensures proper functionality of campus-wide network routers, switches and hubs.

Faculty Resource Center (FRC)
The FRC is a computer lab specifically for faculty use. The lab was designed to provide computer facilities to faculty that do not have an assigned computer in their departments. The Center is managed by CIS and is ‘owned’ and funded by the Office of the Provost.